July 26, 2006

Beer Divorce

It is a sad day for all consumers when the large bohemoth buys up the small customer focused breweries. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon as many a small brewery folds under the competitive forces of Big Beer.

I have been a consistent consumer of Rolling Rock for 30 years. I have also consumed the AB products and I'm smart enough to realize that AB is not going to forever stick with the RR formula. They are both rice beers but the difference in taste puts RR more than 33% above the bohemouth brands.

I will miss you Rolling Rock, but it's time to move on. We're calling it quits - divorce from my favorite beer. Irreconcilable differences indeed. I hope you change your mind and go back to Latrobe...I hope you stick to your roots and follow good taste....but I won't hold my breath.....I'm crushed right now, but I'll recover...I'll just have to go drown my sorrows with someone new.......

Heeyyy!!!.....Get a look at that St. Pauli Girl!! Oh come on now, you look much younger than "33".....you remind me of someone I used to know.....yeah, she looked good in green....What happened you ask? She moved to New Jersey and changed....

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