March 18, 2012

March the 17th..... Sleep the 18th....

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and evening. Meself, well my plans went quickly awry as I had every intention of being home shortly after dark to share a wee dram with me brothers across the miles.... But, Providence intervened...or was her name Diane, anyway, and Irish damsel in distress required my undivided attention, and my chivalrous nature would not permit me to refuse. So here it is, the wee hours of the morning.....and I will be needing to awake soon to tend to my boys...and the rest of the day will require penance, sacrifice, and possibly the hair of the dog....

So apologies to my brothers and friends who might have been expecting me. And to Providence....thank you for a wonderful night. ;)

A local Irisher was boasting about the grand party he and his pals had the night before.
"Aye," sez he, "Wasn't it a great night the five of us had."
"Who were the five?" asked a listener.
"Well," said the Irisher as he began counting on his fingers. "There was one, that's me. There was Clancy, that's two. There was the Quigley twins, that's three, and there was Sullivan, that's four."
"But you said there were five and you count only four."
"Jist a minute, let me count again,' replied the Irisher as he again began to pick off the number on his fingers. "There was one, that was me. Two, there was Clancy. Three, there was the Quigley twins, and four, there was Sullivan. Shure, I must have taken a wee drop too many, because last night I thought there was five of us at the party. Now I know there's only four.....