December 17, 2011


So this new phase in life has me consistently puzzled. Dealing with my kids is quite easy. They are boys, they enjoy games with action violence and thrills. They like activities that involve dirt, fire, speed, noise, unexpected results, shock/surprise of others, combat, real or fantasized, and the expenditure of funds from any source but their own pocket.

But this adult stuff is remarkable in its absurdity. The cohorts at the bar speak of attorneys when they should speak of football players, they comment on financial markets when they should comment on the flirtations of the finer sex, and they wax ad nauseum on the finer points of online dating when they should be discussing golf shots.

But my own troubles, at least the minor ones that come to mind this week are on the view point of commitment. I am not in any frame of mind to make a commitment of any sorts to a woman these days, but I am willing to display unwavering support and dedication. To that end, I decided to leave as such a token, a bottle of fine whiskey at the home of a regular friend so that I would be able to partake of this elixir during my regular visits. Anyone who knows me would open eyes wide in appreciation of this gesture, knowing well that this is not a trivial matter but something that would be cause for affirmation of intentions.

Alas..... some do not understand..... and thus, after a brief few days - without even given the chance to sample that fine....very fine....container of spirits....I have been cast aside by the fickle nature of the fairer sex..... Damn, I'm going to miss that whiskey....