September 29, 2009

A Problem with Marching? How can that be???

Eric has begun his experience with the Oviedo High School Marching Band and I received some rather troubling news from his Band Director/Music Teacher. Apparently, Eric is having some difficulties learning the marching steps. Heavens to Betsy!! This son and grandson of a foot soldier can't MARCH!! There are some areas of expertise that I never really thought I would have to share with my kids, but it looks like those hours I spent Walking the Area will come in handy. Of course one carries a saxophone a bit differently than a rifle, but I take pride in being able to step off a 30 inch step, exactly, whenever called to do so.

So this weekend, we will conduct some remedial marching in the Mooney back yard in an effort to have Eric uphold the family honor. Heaven forbid that he begins marching like someone from Navy........