November 21, 2008

Farmers vs. Bankers

A coworker scheduled an early meeting, and by early I mean at a time before I typically leave to drive into work. So I had to respond with a gentle and humorous explanation......

I break people down into 2 classifications, Farmers and Bankers, based on when they are most productive. Farmers are most productive early in the day, get most of their work done before breakfast, love to get up before the sun and get to the office early - and not just to get a good parking spot.

Bankers, on the other hand, realize that there are all of these farmers out there trying to get everything done real early and that it is dangerous to get in their way. Bankers realize that no matter how early in the day you arrive, you're still going to have to stay late to get the work done. Bankers take late lunches, enjoy cocktails before dinner, are typically night owls, and they get to the office just late enough to get a good parking spot because one of the farmers has already left the office to go to a meeting.

When a friend saw this they told me I was describing Democrats (Farmers) and Republicans........

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