February 19, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Laughed

I didn't think.... I thought it was funny and I didn't have my "Yes Dear" shield on. Of course it's my fault......

My lovely wife was reading me an e-mail from the Sierra Club. I had just come home from work and had not yet turned off my rational thought mechanism that I use throughout the day and had yet to activate my silent husband mode. After all, I work with engineers....all kinds of engineers: transportation, architectural, civil, structural, even environmental, but I can always speak freely - and disagreements are typically based on facts. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes we just have differences of opinion. It's always cordial and always polite.

But I slipped up and as she read aloud that the Sierra Club was anxious to undo the 8 years of environmental crimes committed by the Bush administration, I laughed, nearly choked on my garlic bread and said, "Congress has been making the laws for the last 8 years, not George Bush...." It was too late....the Redhead with a Cause couldn't believe that I would defend a Republican.

Now it's not like I've been hiding the fact that I'm a Republican from her for all these years. We've been canceling each others votes out forever. And I have no idea why she decided to share with me what the Sierra Club had to offer. Perhaps she thought that some mind-altering message had been transmitted from Washington since the inauguration and that now everyone would agree on everything.

When will I learn? I have to remember to leave my brain in the driveway.....I guess I should look into martinis as my father did, that should help me act less rationally.

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Anonymous said...

While its very true that Congress makes the laws, it's the president who makes policies. Implementing environmental policy based on advice from preachers rather than scientist is the problem.

I'll get back to the jokes, now. :)