September 22, 2006

A Camping we will go.....

And so it begins. This weekend marks the start of yet another Cub Scout camping year. We are off to Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral, a fun little camping spot where the boys can engage in many things that are not hi on my list. They can fish, play on the beach, and bake in the sun. All this while there is ample opportunity to stay at home in the A/C and watch golf, baseball, and football all weekend.

But, I'm a Dad, and as a Dad my duty lies in keeping mother and children happy. I've tried to get the Blackberry to play video via the Internet so I could keep tabs on the Ryder Cup, the Phillies, and the world of football. Alas, I will have to give up the ghost and stop thinking of sports for the weekend.

Perhaps the time at the beach will provide opportunities to take in the scenery, should any scenery worthy of note wander to this remote beach.

But there is more. I have two sons camping at Jetty Park and one who will be 40 miles south at Scout Island. This normally would not be an issue, but it is family day at Scout Island so I will drive down to Melbourne Saturday afternoon to fish and play with the Boy Scouts.

So I'm off to the beach. And I hope I can sneak a beer in here and there.

Happy OneWebDay!!

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