May 19, 2009


I stopped at the Wing House today to kill some time and happily spent quite a bit of time talking to Crystal and her two friends. I had stopped in a couple of weeks ago with a couple of buddies, and we met Crystal, one of those memorable experiences that the Wing House offers now and then. I would best describe her has my Dad would, she was a "very healthy young lady." Her two friends you ask? Well, it would have been rude to ask if they had names.......

Anyway, it was a very slow evening which means that she was pleased (forced) to talk with me one-on-one for an extended period. I was actually there long enough to notice that she had blue eyes.....she mentioned that I was the first customer to compliment her on her eyes....(she has been working there for about a year).

We spoke about all of the typical things that bartenders and customers talk about. You know, how boobs make a perfect place to keep a pen, and how a thong is not that uncomfortable if you're moving all the time, and how silly of a rule it was at the bar that you could not have visible tattoos since the outfits didn't leave that much that wasn't visible...... We even ventured into the sports world to talk about what should happen to Michael Vick when he gets out of jail.....I never would have thought that she could have come up with that one - OUCH!!!

Well, to make a long story get to a point, she revealed that she was engaged. The few guys at the bar were deflated (and that was the only thing at the bar that could be described in that way). But just to give man hope, and hope these days is audacious, she did reveal that she is pissed at her fiance as he has scheduled a weekend away "on some island" this week. "Does he realize how much he is costing me in for not working this Saturday?"

My, she is a romantic........

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