May 29, 2009

The Dance

If this post looks weird, excuse me as I am posting from a Blackberry. Also, my concentration level isn't what it should be as I'm using Crystal as my editor. :)

Eric has his first dance tonight. It is his 8th grade dance.He also has his first date as he is escorting Kaitlyn to the dance. It is a Mardi Gras theme tonight and the toughest part was finding clothes that he thought appropriate for such a theme and at the same time wouldn't scare the bejeebers out of his date. As any woman who has dated a Mooney can attest, this is a challenge. I tried my best to impart my wisdom- and when that didn't work, I used the Dad Factor! If I saw something that I thought was too weird (Would Rich wear this to a party? Yes?? It's too weird....) I would immediately suggest it and thus Eric would summarily dismiss it from consideration.

He settled on a black pair of dress pants and a black shirt with a very subtle purple and grey pattern. He chose a black tie with some purple highlights and a bulldog wearing a Mardi Gras crown!! He was on the verge of looking pretty sharp.

When we got home, he tried everything on. The shirt was too big and he decided that it was too dark for Mardi Gras. He wanted a purple jacket to wear with it....

If Uncle Rich was closer, I would have asked if he happened to have a purple jacket. If I still lived in Philly, I would have gone to the nearest Mummers hall and borrowed one. We decided that I would find him an alternative for the shirt. I did find a light purple shirt the next day and he was psyched.

Come game day, he put his ensemble together, adding the jacket he found in the closet. It was was his Mom's. I had 3 choices: tell him he looked great, suggest he lose the jacket, frantically find a replacement. I chose #2. Eric chose #1.

Well I delivered him not too long ago and as he jumped out of the car, he spotted one of his buddies, a black kid, wearing the same purple shirt....Eris was psyched again. He saw other friend right away, none with jackets, half with purple shirts. I left laughing to myself wondering what his date would think. I'm sure she will love the tie....

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