November 6, 2012

Election Memories

Someone asked me today about election memories and I thought back to my first election, which was actually in 1973.  It wasn't a presidential election, a simple off-year day at the polls, but it was my first time to vote and that was very special.

My dad was the Republican Committeeman and I was helping him at the polls.  We voted in the basement of the Democratic Committeeman's house and it was the friendliest adversary I had ever met.  It was a cold, cloudy, November day in Philadelphia and my job was to answer questions about the candidates and just be a runner for my Dad and his Democrat counterpart.  I knocked on some doors and went with my Dad to pick up some of the older citizens to bring them to the polls. Republicans and Democrats rode in the back of my Dad's car for the short drive to the polling place.  At one point I did not accompany my Dad on the ride as he needed the additional room in the car.  It was really cold at this point and I learned from the Democrat how to survive these long election days as he brought a bottle of Wild Turkey down from his living room to help keep us warm.  I was only 18, and while it was not my first drink, it was my first shot of good whiskey. It did the trick and warmed me enough to keep a smile on my face until the polls closed at 8:00.

I long for the days when the two parties can enjoy an election day together.  I'm not sure that it can ever happen....

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